Friday, March 6, 2020

Langkawi to Phuket (Thailand)

Splash Out Water Park
Photo by Amber Lim

In Langkawi, we met up with our friends on Irie, Angel Wing and Whisky Jack in Langkawi, lowered our waterline with booze and provisions, and then headed up to Thailand.

Ko Phi Phi

We wanted to cruise some of the areas in Thailand that we missed the first time, as well as shake down the boat and pick up some parts. So we headed up to Phuket.

The beach from "The Beach" movie.
Closed off but lots of tour boats coming to look.
Our Jabsco Rule pump that got stuck on and
heated up so much that the plastic melted.
We seem to go through a lot of these that become

defective for one reason or another.
It has been good to get Perry into shape for our next voyage in a place where parts are readily accessible. Of course, being in a 'good place' to do things leaves us open to the time sink of actually doing them.

We found a place in Phuket that would fill our hard-to-fill fire extinguisher that was accidentally set off in Pangkor. If there is a fire in our engine room, it is meant to automatically release an engine-safe gas. We figured it would be a good idea to have it in place for our next journey and it is very hard to find a place to fill it. The special 'cold room' gas meant it needed to be sent to Bangkok, which was supposed to take 3-5 business days. 

As the winds that would have allowed us a relatively fast passage to Sri Lanka started dying and we started to question our decision to have the fire extinguisher filled, we finally got to the day it was supposed to arrive and started making preparations to leave.

But, no.  Somehow, the fire extinguisher began to leak or was deployed in transit and needed to be refilled again. So now we are in round two of waiting (hopefully not as long this time).

At least the kids have been enjoying being in clear water once again. Hopefully our next post will be from Sri Lanka.

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