Saturday, February 11, 2017

Nggatokae Island

This is our first blog post via email so hopefully it works.

We have been enjoying the peace and quiet of the anchorage near Peava village. The village has incredible carvers and make enough money from carving and logging. That might be why we have had very few canoes coming by to trade. The kids have been playing with the Field Trip and village kids on the rope swings. Conrad has gotten to use the carving tools he got for Christmas. A couple of local carvers gave him a piece of wood and some carving tips. Matt's leg has finally healed enough to do some diving and snorkeling. There are lots of turtles, sharks, and coral.


  1. It worked ! Really cool that Conrad could get some carving tips from the local carvers ! Good to hear Matt's leg is finally better. It is always good to read your news. Hugs all around from MC and the gang in Thailand

  2. Checking out your blog and deciding how much to charge as Michael and Elizabeth's publicity manager!! Love being with your family in these spots! And finding a guy to climb a tree for fresh avocados isn't bad, either!


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