Monday, January 30, 2017

Still bobbing around in the Florida Islands

Four catamarans in Tulagi Bay
The heat has twice caused our windlass motor button to spontaneously start (they are triggered by air pressure instead of an electrical switch). It has been when the cover was lifted and the hot Solomon sun blazed down on it. Both times it was the 'down' button (which is good) and we were on board and stopped it by turning off the breaker. Another sign of the heat. And I think we've learned to keep that cover down!

WWII bullets (50 cal?) found by /given to Conrad.
Of course, now he wants a grenade....
We have been waiting around to get a bit of welding done (there was a small crack on a mast tang which we eventually had welded at Avi Avi slipway). In the meantime, the kids have been having fun catching frogs with their friends and taking in the rich World War II history everywhere.

Collecting shells
WWII LST (Landing Ship- Tank) wrecked in the mangroves. Can't blame the enemy
for this one- the captain took a wrong turn and ended on a reef!

My poison ivy-like rashes are finally healed and I am over a case of what may have been a mild case of dengue. We are all provisioned up and ready to head to Morovo. The wind is light so it will be a slow ride.

Hand-dug road cut canyon (by prisoners)
Another view of the boats from Tulagi

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  1. I dunno about a grenade, but we are off to Cambodia tomorrow….I'll see if Mark can dig up a land mine for him…… :)

    Seriously though, fantastic that the kids are getting so much hands on history about WWII ! Can't get that in a text book ! Sorry to hear about the dengue, how ever mild, it couldn't of been much fun !


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