Thursday, October 16, 2014

Scenes from Grenada

Robots made as part of school, along with the poem,
"My Robot’s Misbehaving"
We have been spending the last couple of weeks getting ready to leave Grenada. I guess we could have done a lot of these projects during the 3+ months that we've been here, but we have been busy with friends and all the activities that Grenada has to offer.

Unda de sink rum at "Patricks" restaurant where
we celebrated Mark on Amelie IV's birthday.
Matt fixed the freezer lid that had previously required a crowbar to open. So now I can actually open it. Although it is so deep that if I tried to touch the bottom, my feet would be sticking out of the top. It would be quite unladylike.

We sewed up some areas of the mainsail where the shrouds have been wearing away at the batten covers. Sewing with pliers is slow but we got it done. We also had been debating whether or not to buy a new inflatable dinghy. Ours is functional but probably on its last legs. And inflatables are relatively inexpensive here. However, dinghies seem to feature disproportionately in the theft, damage, and general loss categories. I am convinced that buying a new one would just be asking for trouble. So for now, Matt has put on some big patches and bought some crazy-expensive specialized paint to cover some of the worn spots.

In other news, I have been taking Spanish lessons offered by the Venezuelan embassy to help facilitate our planned time in South America. The classes are made up mostly of cruisers. They don't seem to mind that almost all of us will be leaving soon. Matt is playing in the volleyball tournament at Secret Harbour. If the weather forecasts hold, we will be planning to head out next week.
Hunting for the crabs that were thriving in the months of growth
that covered our boat until yesterday.
Great birthday bash for Helena (Matilda) and
 Arbel (Del Max) at L'Anse Aux Epines Cottages.

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