Friday, October 24, 2014

Last days in Grenada

Is this thing on?
Our last few days in Grenada were bittersweet. Although I had been itching to move on, I may have been the only one on our boat that feels that way. And I got a little teary about leaving the friends we have made. Conrad took it especially hard. It was small consolation that most of our friends will also be leaving soon.

We added the floating dinghy concert to the list of unique activities we have experienced. A floating barge hosts a musical concert, surrounded by dozens of dinghies and swimmers. Mark and Conrad spent most of the time in the water playing with their friends. There might have been some beer consumed.
Matt's volleyball team won bronze in the Secret Harbour tournament. I think they were really the best team, but I'm a little biased. It was a fun opportunity to play and watch some exciting games.
Watching the Lego movie on Del Max in St. George's
with Four Coconuts on our last night.

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