Thursday, August 28, 2014

Nana's dream charter

It only looks like Nana's happily drowning the kids.
Mark has been saying, "You're being sarcastic, aren't you?" a lot when I talk. This probably means I should work on being less sarcastic. Which I will do right after writing this post about Nana's visit with us being her best vacation ever.

50+ pounds of goodies.
Nana's first mistake was to offer to bring a few things down for us. Well, since you asked, Nana...we may need a thing or two.
Since Grenada will be the last place where we can get things relatively easily (and nothing is easier for us than having someone bring stuff in their luggage), we took Nana up on her generous offer. Her 50-pound checked bag included a 20-pound sea anchor, bilge pumps and a toilet pump. Her carry on, which had no weight limit, was stuffed with heavy items and she had a big mailing tube for our new galley lights. Nana literally lost sleep trying to figure out how to transport everything. Everything got to us safely and we are beyond grateful for her services as a pack mule.
Muddy sandals.

Nana had a long travel day with a 5:30 a.m. flight and long layover in Miami. She finally arrived on our boat at around 10 p.m. The next morning, Mark was so excited to see Nana that he kept creeping into her cabin and making noise (unsuccessfully trying not to be too obvious about it). Fortunately, Conrad was at a sleepover so no morning bickering. Still, Nana was up bright and early.

We spent the morning in St. George's. The bus we took back to Prickly Bay had a particularly aggressive driver, which had Nana white-knuckling the ride. That evening, we took her to a Grenada Hash House Harriers run/walk. Unfortunately, in addition to being hilly, this was a very muddy Hash. We learned that Nana doesn't like mud. And she doesn't even care for beer, which is the big payoff for a Hash. But she did great and was a good sport about it. Robin (Rafiki) was a big help and other cruisers helped watch our kids while we helped as well.

Muddy trail.
So armed with this new information about Nana not caring for muddy hills, we dragged Nana to the Seven Sisters Waterfalls. It involves a 35-40 minute hike through, yep, muddy hills. At least this time, there was the payoff of scenic waterfalls.
A different muddy trail.

Muddy trail 2 complete.
Spider Dad

Nana swimming to the falls.
We managed to avoid any more mud for the remainder of her visit. Besides some super itchy mosquito bites, the trip improved (because there was no place to go but up). Nana got to spend some time on the beaches. We snorkeled the underwater sculptures. We tagged along on a tour with Rafiki and Four Coconuts. It was a good chance to see some of the popular attractions in Grenada.
Nutmeg cooperative.

Mmm, chocolate.

River Antoine Rum Distillery

2 generations bonding through extremely flammable over-proof rum.
Conrad, Mark and Tyler entertaining themselves
at the rum distillery.
The kids didn't care for the smell of fermenting sugarcane.
Robin (Rafiki) enjoying Annandale.

Nana, Toutou (Four Coconuts), Mark and Jen
Conrad leaping (Annandale Falls)
We had a great time with Nana and she seemed to enjoy herself as well. We'll head back over to Prickly Bay and our normal busy schedule <<sarcasm>>.
Cruising kids in a sailing dinghy. There were going to be lessons
organized by Millport II but the boat kept filling with water and capsizing.


  1. Nana! If you have room in your bags could you bring us: 1)a small squirty shower head thingy 2) a random promotional baseball cap 3) Individually wrapped wasabi packets 4) a tiny can of bug spray 5) a tablet 6) Crystal Light (lemonaid flavor only please) 7) An Icepick 8) Many tiny boat parts 9)As many cable ties as you can stuff.

    It's like playing one of those "find the random item" games.

    Glad you had a nice visit. When I come, no hiking. Only Beaches!

  2. Wow, you must be really good at Where's Waldo! Beaches are easy so come on down.


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