Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Carnival Tuesday

Mark showing his carnival spirit...for 5 minutes
and then it was just too hot.
The camera battery died during the last big parade, but between yesterday's blog post and this one, I think you get the idea. Tuesday's grand finale was a lot like the Monday Fancy Mas except with more glitter and louder (not sure how it was even possible) music.

Despite the fancy costumes and non-stop visual overloads, Mark and Conrad spent nearly the whole parade off in a corner talking about Minecraft with Noah from Jade (the rest of the time they were asking when Noah was going to get there). So much for cultural enrichment. Carnival has been fun but I'm glad it's over. It's been an exhausting couple of days. I'm sure it's a different experience if you minus out the kids and the add in large quantities of booze, but once a year is plenty for now.

Matt put together a rainwater collection system using pool noodles, plastic tubing and Lego pieces. The rain drains down the hard top, into the pool noodles that line the edge (held open by the Lego blocks) and into tubes that feed into our jugs. It works remarkably well and we have gone from half a tank on the port side to a full tank with a couple of hours or so of heavy rain over the past couple of days. We haven't had to get more water from shore since we cleaned out Rodney Bay's water tank at the end of June.

Vibrant rainbow just a few minutes before sunset.
Now that Carnival is over, we'll head elsewhere. We may visit some of the other bays on the south end of the island.  Or not.  Nana, whom we haven't seen in a year, is visiting in a week and a half and we want to be back in Prickly Bay by then, if not before.

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