Tuesday, July 8, 2014

The Grenadines

Steph on Endless Pleasure took this. It looks like we're sinking.

We started for Bequia at daybreak and decided to sail along the windward side of St. Vincent. It was a bit lumpy (2 of our wine glasses broke that had survived a year and a half on the boat) but the wind was decent and we made good time. It was weird watching Endless Pleasure in the big seas because it was like watching ourselves get bounced around. It also looks worse from a distance, as you don't realize you're moving around as much when you are on the boat. We caught a nice Black Fin tuna just as we rounded the bottom of St Vincent.

Steph took this shot of poke
and sushi from our catch.
Oceanside trail to town

After spending a day in Bequia, we headed for Canouan and the Tobago Cays. It felt like being in the Bahamas again with the clear and shallow water, as well as the abundance of conch. We couldn't get over how many turtles were swimming around as we snorkeled. Like many animals in Marine Parks, they seem to have figured out that they're in a safe place. Mark and Conrad took some nice shots that you can see on their blog.

Not all the animals charmed us. For example, we didn't really appreciate the bird that came and pecked out a small banana hanging in our cockpit, leaving behind a gift for us to clean up.


  1. The sushi looks better and better each time. Too bad you can't export it.

  2. We can't export the sushi but we can import you! Come visit and we'll make you some.

  3. Matt - When did you start your sailing extravaganza? This looks fantastic. I also am a sailor, and only dream of what you are doing.

  4. Hi Steve! We cast off at the end of 2012 and have been living aboard since. Don't dream, figure out a plan and put it in action! Would love to see you out here too....


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