Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Christmas in July

My parents came from Chicago to visit us here in Grenada. They brought all kinds of goodies, including some boat parts and early birthday gifts for the kids, among many other items that filled two large suitcases. As usual, they were far too generous. We were all overjoyed to see them and we had a great week. Unfortunately, the mosquitoes loved my mother so much that she came and slept on the boat for a couple nights to get away from their invasion. Every night, a few wily skeeters would find their way into their beachside cottage and torture her endlessly.

Clarke's Court Rum Distillery
Grenada Hash House Harriers
Windy Prickly Point
Prickly Point
Concord Falls
Nutmeg factory in Gouyave
Sorting nutmeg
Laura's Herb and Spice Garden

Too soon, it was time for Grandma and Grandpa to leave. After dinner at the local Chinese Restaurant in Lance Aux Epines (run by actual Chinese people) we said our tearful goodbyes. Early the next morning, we waved to the plane as it flew over the anchorage.

We have been settling in nicely at Prickly Bay. There is a group of kids Mark and Conrad's age and they have had fun playing chess, participating in the book club, and generally having fun hanging out with other children. The cruisers at Prickly Bay are very involved in social activities and there is usually someone willing to help, as witnessed when a boat broke loose from its mooring in strong winds and started heading pretty quickly toward some rocks. Half a dozen dinghies quickly surrounded the boat and helped get it back to a mooring.


  1. Hi! I just found my way here from Zach Aboard, and I look forward to reading about your adventures! We lived aboard seasonally (which meant 91 days out of the year) when we lived in Michigan, and we've recently moved to the greater Houston area, and will be moving onto a 1966 Ericson 35-1 full time within the next two weeks. We hope to eventually leave port and explore, just as you are doing! :-)

    1. Hi Bethany, thanks for reading. How exciting--hope to see you out here one day!


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