Friday, January 17, 2014

Waitin' by the dock of the bay

We had been hanging around Rock Sound, taking some trips to nearby Cape Eleuthera and Tarpum Bay, while waiting to hear when we can get hauled out in Spanish Wells. The other day we finally got a tentative date near the end of the month. Although that might have been enough time to allow us to go south to Cat Island, the forecasted winds were not favorable. This time of year the winds typically have a strong south-easterly component but for the next week and a half they are to be mostly from the north. This oddball wind causes two problems, first there aren't a lot of anchorages on Cat Island that offer protection from North winds, and second, if the winds don't turn back SE in time, we'll have to slog against them to get back to Spanish Wells. So we'll probably stay in Eleuthera for now, but might try and get to the very southern tip where the snorkeling is better.

The underwater terrain in Rock Sound doesn't offer much protection for fish, so except for a small lionfish (which made a couple sushi rolls) we haven't caught dinner for awhile. As it has been relatively cloudy and cool (low 70s) for the past few days, we have been spending a little more time in the galley trying to recreate some favorite foods we haven't had in a while.

A pretty close approximation of everything bagels.

3 kinds of homemade dumplings. Conrad
helped to make them (Mark made one).


  1. Eleuthera sounds like a part of the greater renal system.

    I love your pictures!

    I really fell sad about those cool, cool 70's! This NOT what you signed on for!!!! It's a CONSPIRACY!

    1. I relly shud reed these posts befor i publich becuz i seam two mayke sew meny tipe'o's

  2. Dumplings! 70'S!! yOU'RE KILLING ME!


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