Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Governors Harbour to Current Cut

Just as we were leaving Governors Harbour, we noticed a seahorse attaching itself to our anchor chain as we brought it up.

It turns out there was a pair of seahorses and they were tenacious in their attempts at holding on to the chain. One got hauled all the way onto the bow before I noticed it laying on the deck. It flipped itself back into the water, hopefully unharmed. After that, the seahorses repeatedly swam over to the anchor chain, attached themselves, and then dropped off when we moved the chain up. They were about 6 or 7 inches long and looked like a piece of seaweed under water. 

We ended up catching them, drying them out and grinding them up into a powder so Matt can sprinkle it on his food to improve his virility.  No!  We wouldn't do that...especially when we have so much powdered rhino horn left.

We actually sailed for a bit before having to resort to our engines to get us to Current Cut in time for slack tide while there was still daylight. The cut, which can rip along at 8 knots and look like a whitewater river, was nice and mild for our transit (just remember, 1 3/4 hours after high tide at the Nassau station is slack tide at the cut).  We had no luck catching any fish so we had leftover Indian food and freshly made flatbread/pseudo-naan for dinner.

Later that evening, after we had gone to bed, we finally heard from the owner of the boatyard. The email said that we wouldn't be able to get hauled out on Monday as scheduled and that he would let us know a new date as soon as he knows more. Good thing we hurried to get back up here. Oh well. There are worse things than waiting around in Paradise.


  1. Oh, like Matt the Man needs MORE virility. What would happen then? He'd be taking apart things that didn't need fixing and hauling out things that needed to stay in the water and fishing for dolphins.

    Cool pictures though. What a neat experience. Did the kids find it interesting, or is all that sea-life just another day for them at this point?

    1. That's not virility that he has. He's just hit his head too many times on the low ceilings on the boat. The kids loved the seahorses!


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