Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Bright shiny objects

Since we arrived a week ago, there has always been something going on in West Palm Beach. This past weekend was the Marathon and accompanying races. Here are some shots from the West Palm Beach Farmer's Market: warm red velvet donuts and chocolate croissants. Need I say more?

Jellies and fish made of plastic water bottles.
Think pets, not bacon. This pig had pink painted toenails.
You can rent these near our anchorage.

We also went to the Kids' Holiday Fest, which was chock full of crafty holiday activities, bouncy houses and kids performing impressive Capoeira.
Under where?
We are waiting to hear about getting our anchor chain replaced (it is getting rusty even though it has been used for less than a year; other cruisers who have 10-year old chains aren't seeing much rust so we know something's not right). If we can get the chain delivered here, we will plan to leave for the Bahamas from West Palm. Otherwise, we will have to head down to Ft. Lauderdale at some point. It might be hard to leave this place though.


  1. Have you tried those wierd things that you can rent?

  2. No, though they look fun. Apparently you can be as young as 6 years old to do it though. It looks pretty challenging.


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