Thursday, March 28, 2013

Eating like the locals

Nurse sharks waiting in the water below. They supposedly won't bother you
 but I wouldn't want to get my toe near one when it's chomping down on fish guts.
It's hard to see the mountain of huge spiny lobster tails on the ground but they're there, along with a few groupers and the pile of shelled conch. $20 a tail is a bargain for megayacht patrons that frequent the area. It's hard work diving for these bugs.

It's strictly bring your own bag. I saw one woman walking around with a lobster tail in her hand because she didn't have a container for it. Good for the environment but bad for your shoes. We settled for some conch to make conch salad and cracked conch. One local woman was eating a hunk of conch raw, like sashimi.

Back in Bimini, the older woman making our conch dinner offered Matt the private parts of a conch. When he said no thank you, she laughed and popped them right into her mouth. Many restaurants advertise it as an aphrodisiac. If it's true, it's surprising that there aren't more little Bahamians running around.

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