Monday, December 17, 2012

Perry Who?

This is not a pipe.
This is not a peregrine falcon (it really isn't--we don't have  a picture of one yet).

This is the conversation that Matt had with our friend Scott when he told him the boat name.

Scott: So what's the name of the boat?
Matt: Perry.
Scott: What? That's soooo [dumb]! You're going to change that, right?
Matt: Ummm... Nope, that's the name we picked.
Scott: Oh. Sorry, man.
Thanks, Scott.

Ever since we picked the name “Perry” for the boat, we have seen it everywhere: Perry Como, Perry White, Perry Ellis, Katie Perry (for those born closer to this century). Okay, not Perry Como. We chose the name because the boys love peregrine falcons. And really, how awesome is diving at speeds of up to 200 mph? But a boat named Peregrine seemed a bit...stuffy and certainly too serious for us (and um, the fact that was already taken certainly had nothing to do with it).  No? Well, whatever. Perry's the name. And the dinghy is named “Grin.” So there.


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