Sunday, November 11, 2012

This is what it feels like when you quit your job

Leap of Faith. Nevis Canyon, Queenstown, New Zealand
I really wish my legs had been straight. Matt had perfect form.

It feels...scary. And m*th@rf-ing awesome! (Matt's words, not mine, because he swears like a, well, you know. So he has that part of sailing down.)

Our whole suburban upbringing and schooling and most of our lives have been focused on...not this. We managed to stay employed and sell our house in that/this economy and market. We have had it pretty good. So why don't we listen to our wise parents and refrain from exposing ourselves and our children to the risk of drowning-pirates-sharks-storms-thieves? Good question.

Actually, living in the suburbs for the last few months has been kind of nice. Sirens don't go by every 15 minutes in the middle of the night. The alleys don't smell like pee. There are way way fewer shootings than the city. Conrad doesn't ask whether he can go to a different school next year, like he did in Kindergarten. We could have a nice, if relatively homogenous, life here and be very happy. And I am not at all critical of those who are on that path (almost everyone we know and love).

We want to see more of the world and expose our kids to other countries and cultures. Living on a boat is a relatively inexpensive way (so we have heard) to do it. And really, we are not breaking new ground here. People have been doing this for decades.


  1. First time posting, long time follower. Any updates on the S/V Perry? Peter Kaboli (co-founder of the 1% for the 1% Foundation)

  2. We're shooting for next Thursday to come across. Rained all day today and that set back the work so no way I'll be in the water for this Saturday (which seemed like a good opportunity). Next good weather window looks like next Thursday. May even have a line on some crew... so that's looking up.

  3. If Jen and the boys get bored in Ft Lauderdale, they can drive out to the swamp for a swamp-buggy/airboat excursion with the Florida Hillbillys. Gators and wild pigs are big business in the swamp!

  4. Hi just a little geography. It should read QUEENSTOWN, New Zealand.

    QUEENSLAND is a state in the north east coast of Australia the country next door to NZ.
    Like your blog came here via Miss Minimalist.
    Adrienne (NZ)

  5. Thanks Adrienne. You're right of course and it took a Kiwi to point it out (it doesn't bother you at all when people mix up Australia and NZ, does it). Brain lapse on my part!

  6. Thanks :-) I have been lucky enough to live in both places, and loved them both. but always a Kiwi at heart. Would happily swap places with you at the moment though, as our winter approaches.


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