Saturday, March 19, 2022

Goodbye St. Helena

This post was originally made with the satellite connection and email but has been updated with pictures.

Jacob's Ladder (699 steps)

After just over a week in St. Helena, we are continuing on our journey across the Atlantic. St. Helena is not big but is packed with unique and varied terrain (hills and valleys plunging into crystal clear waters, arid scrub, and pastures from an English countryside), as well as loads of history.


Napolean's house/museum

We visited the house where Napolean spent his final days and used Internet in the remains of an old castle. There are cannons everywhere. The people are friendly and welcoming. Every passing car (and there are a lot of cars) and pedestrian waves and greets every other car and person.

Napolean's tomb (his body has been moved to France)

It's one of the more expensive places we have been, which is understandable considering how remote it is. We will also not miss the anchorage because it can get quite rolly. The trade-off is that we have seen huge Mahi Mahi and Devil rays swimming by the boat. Apparently, a whale shark swam right by our boat in the anchorage but we were busy fixing something and didn't notice.

Sandy Beach

We plan to head to Fernando de Noronha, which is part of Brazil, for a short respite. You can see our progress at

Approaching St. Helena

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