Saturday, August 28, 2021

Cruising the Seychelles


Baie Georgette - Our view after a long hike from Anse Lazio

Most of our time in the Seychelles has been spent on the main island of Mahé. These last few weeks we were finally able to get over to the other two 'big' islands: Praslin and La Digue.

Anse Lazio (in Baie Chevalier on Praslin)

Our sail to Baie Chevalier on Praslin took about 8 hours rather than the normal 4 hours because the normally ever-present wind had died for the day. We knew this but were eager to escape the waters near Eden Marina. So we hiked up our spinnaker and sailed verrrry slowly.

The view from 'Zimbabwe' (the local nickname for Grand Fond on Praslin)

It was nice to get back to what we think of as cruising, which involves anchoring in less crowded areas where we can explore (and fix the boat as needed). Praslin and La Digue, although chock full of tourists, did not disappoint. We found beaches with interesting surf and soft, white sand. There were stunning views and tortoises. We were again grateful to be able to spend the time to enjoy all this at a leisurely pace.

On the 'no this isn't just a permanent vacation' front, we're still doing school, laundry in a bucket and boat maintenance. Matt had to replace a seal in one of our water-maker pumps, re-bedded a trampoline eye-bolt, installed some of the boat parts I brought back with me, and has been chasing down the air that keeps building up in the port engine fuel lines (which makes itself known by shutting down the engine at inconvenient times).

We love the rocks in the Seychelles

Mark and Conrad have been enjoying the surf at Anse Lazio. It has made landing the dinghy a bit challenging at times and we did get a face full of water once. But at least we didn't suffer the fate of a recent charter boat passenger who had to be rushed to the hospital after the dinghy he was in flipped. The outboard engine prop sliced him open in a few places, but we heard that he was mostly okay after a number of stitches.

Ile Curieuse: This reminded us of Angkor Wat

Ile Curieuse is filled with tortoises

Up close and personal with a Coco de Mer nut

We only spent a couple nights at La Digue because the anchorage was rolly and uncomfortable (and there was no room to tie up inside the harbor). However, we were able to rent bicycles and see most of the island. We spent a long but fun day biking around the island, doing a walk from one beach to a couple others, and stopping for lunch at the first restaurant we have been to since the Maldives.

La Digue was as great as everyone said. It is a sleepier version of
Mahé. The mostly car-less roads allowed us to re-hone our bike skills without being run over, though some of the hills were a challenge for our sea-level legs. Also, it's a good thing Matt used to spend his college summers fixing bikes because we had a couple of technical glitches with the rental bikes. Tourists with busted bikes must be a common sight around the island.

Local 'speed bump'

Where else can you find a tortoise in the middle of the road? Tortoises are not quite as common as pigeons in the Seychelles but there certainly is no shortage of the shelled reptiles. We hadn't been particularly afraid of them even though they come right up to you to look for food. But then we read about this apparently carnivorous tortoise.

Mark skirting a road tortoise - it takes a steady hand

We continue to be impressed by the friendliness of the Seychellois people and the beauty of the country. The cool nights and relative lack of mosquitos are a bonus too.

More rocks, this time on La Digue

Making the kids walk from one beach to see another beach

Green flash count: 1 (Matt, allegedly)


  1. Great set of pictures. Glad you weren’t disappointed with La Digue.

  2. Oh WOW guys ! Just beautiful ! Loving these islands ! Thanks for sharing ! I hope that Jen's trip home went well, as well as possible in the circumstances anyways. You guys all look great ! Tell Matt I've seen a few green flashes in my cruising days, so I believe him ! That big rock photo (on La Digue) looks like a sleeping dog (or tortoise) ! Sending envious hugs XXXX

  3. Wonderful commentary regarding the Seychelles! Wish I was there!


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