Tuesday, November 26, 2019

Still here...

The view from the top at
Perak Cave Temple. We took
a side trip when we got our visas
renewed in Ipoh.

Yes, we are still here at the boatyard, but we (mostly Matt) have made a ton of progress since my last post. Our rudders are done! All they need is some bottom paint.

Rudder Thing #1
Rudder Thing #2
We had to wait a good spell for the rudder stocks to be machined (and re-machined). I would like to say that I have gotten more patient since being here, but that would be a lie. Generally, you can get quality work in this part of Malaysia but in most cases, it won't be fast.

The path to the top at Perak Cave Temple.

Now we wait for our hull painting to be completed (you can't rush perfection--or almost perfection). Also, one of the painters fell from the scaffolding and broke his ankle in several places. It could have been way worse but he will be off his feet for awhile. That won't help speed up the process.

There were monkeys on the way up.
An adolescent snuck up from behind and grabbed Matt's ankle.
In other annoying developments, we apparently looked too closely at our starboard prop shaft and found the start of a possible small crack.  These are the types of things that drive you nuts on a boat as it is probably fine, and would probably last for years without an issue, but there's no way you can just ignore it and hope it won't break.  Not when it could happen on an ocean crossing. 

So, to allow us to sleep better at night, we ordered a replacement shaft from Australia. Since we need it quickly, we made sure to ask if the store had it 'in stock'.  Apparently, 'in stock' means something different to these yahoos because we were told yes, it's here and 'in stock'. Of course, a week later when it hadn't shipped yet, the reason given was that it hadn't arrived yet from their supplier, and of course, the bush fires were delaying things, and the dog ate the homework, etc, etc. So 'in stock'...uh huh. See above about patience and lying.

Kellie's Castle, built by a Scotsman,
also on the way back from Ipoh

Kellie's castle was only partially built
and is reportedly occupied by ghosts
Once we have the new shaft in place and the painters are done with our topsides, we can have them spray on our Coppercoat bottom paint and then reinstall the rudders.
More castle.
A kid boat called Whiskey Jack, whose people know our good friends on Field Trip and other kid boats, have been at the marina for the past week. Mark and Conrad speed through school so they can hang out with Cardie, the 12-year old boy, and his 10-year old sister Mo.

The Sail Malaysia rally to Langkawi is here this week so staff is really busy and the boatyard is filled with new people wandering around asking questions about where things are. As Sail Malaysia alums and boatyard occupants, we have been lucky to be invited to the rally events, including what is supposed to be one of the best rally outings--a fantastic tour and meal on Pangkor Island. 

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  1. Oh Perry, we feel your pain ! I'll never forget the frustration of being stuck in Grenada for months on end...tethered to X marines quay...with seemingly never ending sanding and refinishing of our decks....But have faith ! It will end !!!!...( Think of the bright side; you aren't stuck working a desk job like the rest of us schmucks.) and...its tough times like these that help us to appreciate the freedom that this lifestyle offers...and you will all be positively giddy when you get back out there ! Meanwhile, back in Canada, Mark decided that life on land was overrated, so he literally jumped at the opportunity to escape...he is currently sailing somewhere in between The canaries and St Lucia....doing the ARC crossing, with my cousin and his family on board SV Knot, their sailboat .. I'm looking forward to getting his impression of how this compares to the Galapagos- Marquesas crossing.... I look forward to the day when we might all get back together with you and trade Boat yard horror stories....It's good that you're able to laugh this off....the only way to stay sane... All the best XX


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