Monday, October 21, 2019

Goodbye Aunt Francie

Matt lost his Aunt Francie (Francoise) to cancer last month. She was 93.

We didn't get to see her often because when we were in Chicago, she lived halfway across the country in California. Then we moved aboard and traveled even further. The boys never had the chance to meet her but she sent them thoughtful, mind-expanding gifts like a subscription to a kid's nature journal and electronic Advent calendars that they still enjoy.

Aunt Francie had an adventurous spirit and loved to travel. She introduced us to Tom Yum Soup and took us to a Moroccon restaurant where a belly dancer entertained the diners. She trekked in Nepal more than a decade before we made the journey there, at an age that earned her the nickname 'grandmother' from the locals. We thought about her often as we traveled around Nepal. We will miss her.

Aunt Francie with Matt's
Mom and Uncle Vince


  1. She sounds like she was a great lady ! Being such an adventurous spirit herself, she was probably 'tickled pink' about your families adventures ! So sorry for your loss Matt and everyone.

  2. That was a lovely tribute you wrote.
    Thank you so much.


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