Saturday, December 8, 2018

Phuket--It's better with Nana!

Ko Phanak
With all the stuff squirreled away in Nana's humongous suitcase (things we had ordered as well as gifts from Nana, Grandpa and others), it was like an early Christmas when she arrived. Of course the best gift of all was Nana herself!

Wat Chalong
We rented a car to visit Phuket Town and surrounds, hitting most of the big tourist spots like Old Phuket Town, Wat Chalong, and the Big Buddha. We have also had some amazing food. Luckily for us, many places seem to have at least one English-speaker, even if the menus are usually only in Thai. We don't always get exactly what we think we will, but we are flexible.

We also dragged Nana around town while we did fun things like picking up our battery charger, pricing cushion re-upholstery, buying boat supplies and grocery shopping. Add in crazy traffic and a Thai massage that literally left bruises and you have a trip to remember. Only the finest for our Nana.

After a few days of driving, we returned the car and moved the boat to Ko Phanak, where dramatic limestone karsts that look like melting rock surround hongs. Many are only accessible when the tide is right. Most tour companies send people in with kayaks. Our foray into the 'Bat Cave' in Ko Phanak near low tide was doomed. We bounced off a few rocks until we turned around to avoid getting stranded with the falling tide. We'll try again in the morning.

Baan Teelanka

Bang Thao Beach


  1. Terrific photos! Looks like Nana is having a ball....great family reunion


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