Monday, September 3, 2018

Back to Indonesia

Jellyfish Lake at Kakaban Island
When Indonesians ask us whether we have ever been to Indonesia before, we now say we have been here twice before. It wasn't necessarily the plan, what with hitting a log and all, but it's all good, man.

We checked into Nunukan, with boats that are part of the Indonesia rally. Officials were flown in and 20 boats were processed. There was still a lot of paperwork and waiting, but at least we didn't have to schlep all over town. As part of the rally, we were able to take a couple of tours to local schools and villages.

Dancers at Marmoset Seaweed Village
Marmoset Seaweed Village processes seaweed to export to China, where they make extracts that are added to food and cosmetics.
Seaweed tying competition
Stomping the seaweed into sacks
Volleyball with school children.
The following day, we visited another school, where we were greeted by boisterous children and participated in dancing and music. Later in the day, we visited the local radio station and Binusan village, a Dayak village.

We have spent the last couple of days at Derawan, where the water is finally clear. The anchorage was a bit rocky but we got to swim in the lake at Kakaban Island, which is filled with non-stinging jellyfish. It was surreal to be surrounded by jellyfish and to feel them gently bumping into you. It would have been very peaceful if Mark hadn't spent the whole time squealing and giggling every time one bounced off. Needless to say, the boys loved it and it was worth the bouncy ride over.

Next stop: Maratua Island, hopefully with a calmer anchorage and good diving. We have some boat work to catch up on.

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