Friday, June 15, 2018


My family on Perry.
My cousin Eugene and his new wife Rebecka just got married in Bali. They were kind enough to invite us and it became the perfect opportunity to see my parents and some extended family. We have many blessings in this life but being so far from family and friends that we have left behind is the biggest void in our lives.
Eugene, Rebecka and the Perry crew
The wedding itself was out of a fairy tale. It was centered around an infinity pool with waves crashing in the background and sparkling lights everywhere. The amount of labor involved was mind-boggling, including a very professional photography staff worth of a celebrity affair.

The minister conducted an entertaining ceremony and the wedding and reception were filled with humor and fun. You have to love a bride that doesn't take herself too seriously. Conrad and Mark pronounced their first wedding 'great', which is a pretty strong endorsement from boys their age.

My parents and Mark with Mt. Batur

Pura Tilta Empul--Holy Hindu pools

Tegallalang Rice Terraces
Kuta Beach is perfect for novice surfers

Before and after the wedding, we did some touring with my parents, including a trip to the Ubud and Kintamani area and a brief trip on Perry to Nusa Lembongan. Mostly though we hung around the pool at the Marriott, where my parents were staying, and enjoyed time with each other. Matt and my Dad managed to squeeze in a couple massages and we got plenty of beach time. Of course, to our boat kids, beaches are par for the course. A pool and Internet--now that was their idea of a treat. Then, way too quickly, it was time for my parents to head home. It is always hard to say good-bye.

A civet whose poop contains the precious Luwak coffee
beans. The caging of the animals probably defeats their
ability to select the best beans (which was kind of the whole point)

Beans covered in Luwak poop

This kid already loves coffee.

My Dad enjoying a nice cup of
poop coffee. Only the best.
After my parents left, we checked out of Indonesia. It only took a few hours, which is still a long time in many countries but less than half the time it has previously taken us in Indonesia. In southern Bali, all the officials are relatively close and only Customs wanted to visit the boat. Also, they are used to cruising boats. The only minor hiccup was the Hari Raya Puasa holiday (marking the end of Ramadan), which lasts over a week and means that most government offices are closed. We had to make an appointment with Immigration but were able to get our clearance papers and there were no overtime charges.

A parade for Kuningan, the Hindu holiday that just occurred.
In general, Bali is as advertised: beautiful seaside scenery, swarms of tourists, and crazy traffic (of the lanes-are-optional variety). Other than the swarming mopeds and disorganized traffic, Kuta resembles Miami. Even Darwin didn't have a Starbucks or Dunkin' Donuts (yes, we went there--shut up, we needed Boston Creams...for the children). Most Balinese seem very friendly (one taxi driver matter-of-factly informed us that Balinese people have to be nice because tourism is their main industry) and honest. We did encounter a few crooked money changers (they are wily--even after counting your money, you have to count it again if an underhanded changer as much as touches the pile).

And the monkeys at the Sacred Monkey Forest are seasoned thieves. One snatched my mother's water bottle, dropped it in the process of trying to open it with its teeth, and, screeching, bared its teeth at a woman who put her foot down to stop the rolling bottle. Overall, we enjoyed southern Bali for a limited time but are ready to escape the craziness. Next stop--Malaysia...

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