Sunday, April 15, 2018

Road trip around Australia - The fast track (redone)

This post has been republished due to some strange formatting I couldn't fix in the original post.

The kids are officially sick of the car. When we first bought it, they jumped at the chance to go for a ride, even if it was just to the store. Now there is zero interest. Being stuck in it for 11,976 kilometers (7442 miles) in 28 days has officially killed the novelty.

We joked that once we had seen Uluru, kangaroos, koalas, and the Sydney Opera House, we had checked off everything we needed to see in Australia. But there are a few more things in the vast country (though sometimes it doesn't seem like it when you're fighting the monotony of driving through huge expanses of Outback).

A small Grey Kangaroo
It seems smaller in real life
We finally saw something in real life that
can kill you. A red-bellied black.
We saw cities, mountains, valleys, gorges, canyons, the ocean, lakes, waterfalls, caves, and fossils. We got to catch up with some friends. Mark's passport is renewed. All told, we had a great time and even managed to avoid killing each other in closer quarters than the boat (there may have been yelling).

Signs in Coober Pedy
Back in Darwin, our boat survived the Category 2 cyclone that hit while we were travelling. But the city and surrounds will be cleaning up downed trees for months. Now it's time to finish our boat work and get the heck out of Dodge. It's expensive in First World countries.
The termite mounds are well-dressed
in Central Australia. Well, dressed anyway.

Devil's Marbles

Stanley Chasm. The kids are
wearing shirts on their heads to
keep the flies off.
Final thoughts. Wombats are huge. We had no idea. They're the size of small pigs. Gas is expensive in the middle of nowhere. We paid $7.64 Australian (over $6 US) for a gallon of gas (2.02 per liter) in Central Australia.

King's Canyon area
The flies were horrible. They go for your eyes,
ears, nose and mouth and are relentless.
The Parade of Lights in Adelaide (also
going on was Womadelaide and the Fringe Festival)

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