Tuesday, December 26, 2017

90 degrees F in the shade: Christmas Weather!

Decorating gingerbread

Back on land, I was always sick of Christmas music by the time Christmas rolled around. I think that's because you start hearing it earlier and earlier each year.
This year I have been getting into Christmas songs for the first time since I-don't-know-when. Around here, you don't hear them everywhere you go starting in October. Also, I have been teaching myself the guitar and downloaded some Christmas songs on my Tabs Pro app. It's much more entertaining to play the music yourself so I have been playing for the last few weeks and have been able to convince the boys to sing with me occasionally. I'm pretty sure I speak for EVERYONE on the boat when I say Christmas music played over and over this way is not at all annoying.

We spent a few hours on Christmas Eve with our friends on Field Trip and their visiting Nana decorating cookies and drinking eggnog and champagne (and enjoying lots of yummy snacks). It was good fun. Later, as I was attempting to hook up our dinghy, the strong current almost pulled it away from me and I only saved it by getting into the water (Matt would probably describe it as 'falling' but he would be wrong). Not surprisingly, having a few glasses of eggnog and champagne is not the best preparation for tasks involving physical agility (also known as 'things I do almost everyday without incident').

Later that evening, while Matt was in the middle of frying up the French fries to have with our burgers, the water pump failed. So he got to replace that right after dinner (yes, folks concerned for our sanitation, we did manage to wash our hands beforehand). Living on a boat keeps you on your toes.

Happy Holidays, everyone!

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