Saturday, November 11, 2017

Tricks for Treats

Conrad is Napolean (I think the others are self-explanatory).

Halloween this year was in the middle of our long haul from Papua New Guinea to Sorong. We had been sailing during the day and stopping at night to avoid the logs that had wreaked havoc on our propeller and engine. We were with our friends on Field Trip again and had hoped to have another beach party like we had the previous year. The beach we found had a great surf but was all but nonexistent at high tide.

Instead we had 'Tricks for Treats' on Perry. The kids performed a variety of tasks in return for candy. For example, they had to sing a song, do a small play based on parents disciplining their kids, and choreograph dance moves to 'Ghostbusters'. We all enjoyed the evening and were up early the next morning to continue our journey.

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  1. Wish you were here. Only six kids came by which means there was a lot of candy left over.


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