Sunday, October 22, 2017

Can you canoe?

The villagers in Ninigo sail outrigger canoes. When we visited Longan, we (along with our friends on Field Trip) were privileged to be taken out sailing in one of these sailing canoes. It was a welcome change to speed along in a sailboat that rivals Hobie cats for their speed. Our captain and crew were two local boys who expertly raised and trimmed the sails by tying knots and bracing wooden posts against one another. It was  truly impressive what they could do with a wooden canoe and plastic tarps.

They also showered us with local delicacies like lobster and sago pudding, after a joyous welcome song. We were presented with handmade gifts, including a miniature outrigger sailing canoe just like the one we had sailed in. We had to draw the line at their proposed goodbye feast where they wanted to kill a pig in our honor. It was just much too generous for our short stay.
It has been a running joke that Matt has a knack for making the village babies cry, just by virtue of being  Big White Guy. I always thought it was pretty funny but the tables were turned the other day when I looked and smiled at a tiny toddler, only to have her start bawling.

Here are a few pictures we couldn't post with our sat phone while we were in Internet exile. Meanwhile, it's off to Indonesia.

Sunken Japanese WWII mini-sub

Just happy as a...


Nice manta just happened to stroll by while we were diving.


  1. Pretty cool. Always following your adventure. Volvo Ocean Race just started.
    Ken Campbell

  2. WOW ! Another great blog ! Great great photos ! I am very envious of all you are seeing over there ! Happy to hear that you are still with Field Trip. Have a safe trip to Indonesia ! Selamat Jalan !


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