Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Boang to Tabar to Kavieng

Canoe race in Takuu

After Boang, we spent a few days in Tabar. The villagers were very welcoming but were somewhat used to yachts coming and bringing lots of goods.

A big yellowfin (Matt's straining under the weight)
After engaging in some trading for very welcome grapefruit, the 'askems' started snowballing. It started as some lopsided trading (the villagers got lots of much-needed and relatively pricey clothing and we got lots of inexpensive produce--mostly cheap and plentiful sweet potatoes) and ended up with outright requests for just about anything they could think of, including cigarettes and whiskey. At a delicious celebration feast/potluck, which featured music and dancing, we were somewhat inundated with requests which sort of left a bad taste in our mouths. It's hard to tell whether we are helping or not by visiting these places and participating in/ donating to the economy.

Canoe biter in Nuguria
Traditional clothing during the Takuu Book Week Celebration

Currently, we are in Kavieng. The resort we are anchored off of is relaxed and welcoming and has all manner of birds (talking and non-talking) running about the grounds. The kids are very impressed with the avian life. We may be here awhile as we wait for a new anchor chain (our old chain has badly rusted in less than half the lifespan of better quality links). In the meantime, we are enjoying a bit of civilization. Now that we have Internet, we can show you some of the pictures we have been taking in Papua New Guinea.
A fun tree in Nuguria
Fish smoking in Boang (Tanga Islands)
A pet lorikeet in Boang.  This picture is also notable for the fact that
both kids are actually wearing pants.
Giant clam--the diving has been good in PNG.
Dancing in Tabar.

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