Friday, March 17, 2017

Back in the land of internet

The kids got to be in the water with these guys.
In honor of our first 3G for over a month--pictures! We have just been hanging out with our friends on Field Trip and Rehua, visiting villages, seeing sights, and snorkeling. The coral is healthy and there is and we are seeing a lot of fish that we haven't seen before. We would love a more consistent breeze and fewer flies but overall we can't complain.
We have seen red eyes in the mangroves at night but other
than this little guy in a barrel and some road kill, we
have only heard about croc sightings.
WWII bomber wreck in Mbili.

A yellow lipped krait (thanks for the ID Conrad) swam onto our transom.
Matt and Conrad helped hunt for reef-destroying Crown of Thorns
starfish with a local dive op. The group got 201 that day.
Pet hornbill.
Waterfront property.
The shark got the rest of this wahoo on the line but we
brought one in on the other line.
Dolphins playing in our bow wake.


Funnel cloud close by.


  1. Great Picures...Thanks for sharing..wonder where you guys were!!!

  2. Great shots ! Wow, so much interesting wildlife ! So happy for you, (while still secretly jealous). Continue having fun ! We have 13 days to go…..


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