Saturday, December 31, 2016

So hot you can fry an egg...

Cooking an egg in the midday sun
It's so hot here...

Our anchor windlass button heated up in the sun and the windlass spontaneously started. We had to shut off the breaker quickly but by then, the anchor and about 15 feet of chain had dropped into the water (we are on a mooring). Fortunately, it was the down button. We'll keep the anchor locker lid down from now on.

The summit of the local hill. So bright...
Also, we have been having more fun with our water-cooled refrigeration system. Matt cleaned out a bunch of silt from the water in Honiara and also found coral polyps growing in the strainer (along with the usual tiny fish, crabs, and shells).
MS World Explorer wreck.
We had a fun New Year's Eve potluck with the local village and Field Trip. Wishing you all a great New Year!

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