Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Lazy days in Port Denarau and Musket Cove

Conrad at Big Bula Water Park. Photo
courtesy of Marie-Claude Osterrath
Blog-writing on Perry is one of the casualties of being back in civilization. After spending weeks without seeing any other cruisers (other than our friends on Amelie IV), Port Denarau and Nadi were a bit of a shock to our systems. There is always something to do.

Riding the Ferris wheel at the Bula Festival in Nadi
Port Denarau offers lots of convenience to cruisers, including $1 buses to Nadi, convenient propane refills, laundry, showers, and grocery stores carrying products we hadn't seen in Fiji yet. It is also the most expensive place we have visited in Fiji. That really only means that prices are about average for a big city in North America (if you factor in the conversion rate for U.S. dollars).

The finest technology.

Mark and Conrad got to ride a really long time because
there were so few takers. Hmm, should we be on this thing?

Fire dancing at Port Denarau

Candy floss, as they call it here, as big as Mark's head.
And Mark doesn't have a small head.
We picked up some packages with boat parts and replacement phones. After hearing horror stories from other cruisers about packages containing incorrect parts or being held up in customs, it was a pleasant surprise to have everything in order. It was also a great place to be for Conrad's birthday. We visited the Big Bula Water Park with our friends on Amelie IV.

Matthew, Meghan, Mark and Conrad at Big Bula Water Park.

Double digits and one to grow on
We have been in Musket Cove for a few days. They are very cruiser-friendly and the boys have been having a great time playing with all the kids at the beach and pools here. In addition to Meghan on Amelie, we caught up with our friends on Rehua. Despite the rain, there have been a lot of opportunities to socialize, including the Island Bar. You can see a fun video on Rehua's site showing the kids playing in the pool in the pouring rain. Conrad also tried scuba-diving for the first time and he can't wait to go again.
Cloud Break is one of the world's top surf spots. If the rain
ever stops, we might let the boys try a tamer spot.

Partial answer to the question of what do we eat? Homemade
buns (and fries, not pictures), New Zealand beef, and crispy cheese
 chips. Yes, those are beets--so Australian/Kiwi.

What's in the hole? Back in Vukavu.

Digging in the sand never gets old.

Conrad, Mark, Aeneas, and Tyrii with coconut boats. Photo
courtesy of Audrie Vueghs.

The boats are sea worthy! Photo courtesy
of Audrie Vueghs.

Musket Cove

We're preparing to head out to Vanuatu within the week, if the wind and weather hold out as predicted.

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