Friday, April 3, 2015

Bella Isabela (The Galapagos, Part 2)

Holy penguins Batman!
Conrad and Mark met some new boat friends in Santa Cruz (Matias and Lucas from Bob the Cat). They had great fun playing in the big waves at Tortuga beach in Santa Cruz and dodging the baby blacktip sharks getting washed onto shore. They were sad to leave but excited to see their friends from Mandala, Amelie IV, Kazaio, and Zorba on Isabela.

No touching the tortoises! El Rancho Manzanillo
on Isla Santa Cruz.
We got to spend a few days with our friends, until they either went to Santa Cruz or across the Pacific. We'll be starting our trek across the Pacific towards the Marquesas sometime next week when we get some wind. In the meantime, we'll snorkel with penguins, sea lions, and marine iguanas, and play in the great surf. Conrad is going to take a surf lesson.

Matt determined that our water maker is fine and that our generator was not producing a charge, which would cause the water maker to shut down. Researching the issue, he found that the issue almost never occurs. He took apart the generator, cleaned some pieces, put it back to together and it seems to work. Except when it doesn't. It still stops producing a charge intermittently but we're able to make water. We'll fill our tanks, which should last us about six weeks (the Marquesas should take between 22-25 days unless we get really horrible wind).

Wall of Tears
Horses to Vocan Sierra Negra
Volcan Sierra Negra is a caldera with a 10 km diameter
Volcan Cerro Chico

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