Tuesday, December 30, 2014

What you mean 'we' white man?

Sand monsters! Photo by Marie-Claude Osterrath
Kuna men have told me on three separate occasions that I look like a Kuna woman. Actually, they have tried to tell Matt this, despite the fact that I'm standing right there and that I'm the one that speaks Spanish and even a wee bit of Kuna. The women may own the coconut trees but I get the feeling that the men are still in charge.
Photo by Marie-Claude Osterrath

Photo by Marie-Claude Osterrath
Funny enough, a man in Dominica had told me early last summer that I looked just like a woman of Carib Indian descent that lived on the island. Kunas are said to be the most closely related of all modern people to the Caribs that prevailed in South America before it was 'discovered' by Westerners. Maybe I have some long lost Kuna/Carib ancestors. Or maybe it's just my deep tan and black hair. Either way, I don't mind. If trouble starts I can pull a Tonto on Matt ("What you mean 'we' white man?").
Photo by Marie-Claude Osterrath

We had a beach barbeque on Christmas Eve with Amelie IV, Kazaio, and a new kid boat called Mandala. The kids had a great time digging on the beach, swimming, and watching the big bonfire. Christmas Day also got a "this was the best Christmas ever" from Mark and Conrad. We're clearly getting used to Christmas in warm places.

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  1. Come on....they must miss building forts and snowmen with snow or maybe they don't even remember what the white stuff is!!


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