Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Rainy Grenada

It's the rainy season in Grenada but you wouldn't have known it from the amount rain that was actually falling. There has been enough "liquid sunshine" to avoid getting water from shore (the last time we had to do that was late June, almost 3 months) but we were down to less than a quarter tank on one side. Matt had beefed up our water collection system and modified it to go directly into the tank. We just needed a good rain.

Just as we were getting ready to haul water from shore, the sky opened up. Since then, it has been rainy. Both of our 120 gallon water tanks are completely full. So the rain can stop now. We have had to run our generator for the last few days because of the lack of sunshine. And there has been a bit of lightning, which always makes sailors uncomfortable.

We have spent our time indoors doing school, playing board games, watching a movie or two, and planning out our travels beyond Grenada. There was enough of a break in the rain to play at the beach for a bit as well. Although it was a relief to get to Grenada and stay put for awhile after speeding down here, we're getting antsy to get moving.

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