Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Charleston, the Fall Installment

Back in Charleston.  Back in the fountain.  In November.  Silly boys.

Matt mentioned several times that our trip from Beaufort, North Carolina, to Charleston should be windless, smooth and flat. So of course it was like a washing machine (Matt's reading over my shoulder and saying it wasn't that bad, but he's wrong), and we all felt sick for the first half of Day 1. He has a knack for saying, "If this wind holds, we'll be in __________ by _______" and then having the wind promptly die. But the seas calmed down and the rest of our motor-sail (mostly motor) was pleasant.

We saw a lot of dolphin and since we didn't try to take any pictures (they usually vanish when we get the camera), they stayed around for a long time. They were probably hunting all the little tunny running about. We caught five good-sized ones in less than an hour and then gave up fishing. We weren't sure whether or not the little tunny were good to eat but we kept one because it had gotten a hook through the eye and was done for anyway. We learned later that most people won't eat them but some people say that if you soak them in milk for a gazillion hours, and you don't eat anything else while they are soaking, you'll probably be hungry enough where they might be palatable. I was the only one to eat the one that Matt teriyaki-d, but it didn't go to waste.  The fishy smell from cooking it hung around for the next 2 days to further reinforce our decision not to keep them anymore.

Overnight, the moon was bright enough to read by and we enjoyed the balmy weather. I never look forward to the overnight passages but then end up really enjoying the peace. Matt and I both watched Pitch Perfect again, which has become our passage movie. Just try watching that movie and not getting one of the songs stuck in your head, even if the music is not your cup of tea.

It's fun seeing Charleston in a different season. School's back in session so there were a lot more college students walking around and fewer tourists. The boys had the fountain all to themselves and got a bath, of sorts, to boot. Now we're off to Cumberland Island in Florida.

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  1. Now I know what you'll be having for Thanksgiving! Delicious TUNNY!

    Maybe you can stuff it with something equally stinky. Limburger cheese comes to mind... I live in the land of limburger, so just say the word!

    We miss you up here in the great white north!


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